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Joyce S. Drakeley Real Estate
Joyce S. Drakeley

What do blueberry pie, community and trust have in common? Everyone in the Woodbury area knows that Joyce Drakeley is described in these three simple terms. Simple terms they may be, but their meaning and depth have a significant impact to individuals, families, teams, clients, and the local community. Joyce and Bill Drakeley annually host a Woodbury Services Community fundraiser at their home. Last year, Joyce's homemade blueberry pie sold for $600.00, making this year's pie even more valuable. This is a small example of Joyce's selfless nature and something that Joyce, her family and employees continue to share with the Woodbury community. Joyce Drakeley is not only known for her exceptional sense of community and giving to others but also as a reputable real estate broker.  

If you are looking to purchase a home, land, or even discover the perfect rental, then seeking out Joyce S. Drakeley Real Estate is the perfect option. Joyce S. Drakeley Real Estate is a family owned business that is centered on trust and integrity. "We are the leaders in comprehensive marketing and personalized customer service," owner Joyce S. Drakeley remarks. Joyce S. Drakeley expounds by saying, "In addition, all our agents are active in the Waterbury and Woodbury communities." It is a comfort to find Joyce S. Drakeley agents coaching and volunteering in local schools, as well as serving in the local government on boards and commissions. The Drakeley family has been active in the Woodbury community for three hundred years. Joyce S. Drakeley proudly states, "Our roots are here." Bill and Joyce Drakeley's three sons and their families also reside in Woodbury.  

What sets Joyce S. Drakeley Real Estate apart from other real estate businesses is simply their experience. Joyce defines their combined experience as "unique."  Joyce S. Drakeley has been a broker since 1974. Her son, Tim Drakeley, has experience in building and restoring and renovating homes, which is all coupled with superior sales experience. In addition to building homes with her husband Tim, Shelley possesses advanced sales experience. Shelley balances the sales team with her flair for aesthetical changes to the real estate while being totally economical.  

Joyce S. Drakeley Real Estate has been recognized for the outstanding commitment, service and generosity in the community. Joyce has been recognized by the Tribury Rotary Club and has received the Bernard Rosenberg Award for community service.  

Joyce S. Drakeley Real Estate demonstrates trust and integrity as a family-owned and run business. Joyce S. Drakeley Real Estate agents are committed not only to their customers but also to maintain the Woodbury community as the best place to live, work and relax.

For more information about Joyce S. Drakeley Real Estate located on 254 Main Street South, Woodbury, please contact Joyce S. Drakeley at (203) 263-4336 or at info@drakelely.com.
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